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250g Bundle Rough Red Jasper Crystal Stones

Red Jasper can help tap into your willpower, encouraging you to pursue your passion with determination. When you work with Red Jasper you reinforce your mind with both stability and confidence. If you feel drawn to Red Jasper, it's time to get motivated and start making wise moves toward the goals you have set for yourself. Red Jasper can also be used to help you remember dreams and prepare your mind for what’s ahead. Physically it improves stamina and endurance so you can push on no matter how hard the road ahead is.

200-250g bags roughly 4-6 pieces

Are you in need of enduring passion for fulfilling your goals? Do you need a bit of fire to give you the courage to overcome your fears? This Rough Red Jasper is the perfect stone!

This vibrant ruby stone is called the Stone of Endurance for its potent ability to empower people to rally through the most challenging times. This rough red crystal will support you whether you need physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual endurance.

In ancient times, raw Red Jasper was a valuable stone, especially during wars where warriors adorned their swords with this powerful ruby stone for stamina, strength, and protection. In Norse legend, Prince Sigurd, also known as Siegfried the Dragon Slayer, defeated the deadly Fafnir with his Jasper-embedded sword.

The mystical gemstone reigned supreme not only over mythical dragons; the raw red Jasper Crystal also warded off evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians associated the rough red crystal with the blood of Mother Isis, which nurtured and protected its bearer. Archeologists discovered mummies wearing the Girdle Tie of Isis at the bases of their throats, a kind of amulet carved out of rough red Jasper stone.

Of course, you will never need to slay a dragon in this lifetime, but this raw Red Jasper Crystal will help you defeat the monstrous dragons in your head, such as negative self-talk and self-doubts, and lazy habits. These things are the biggest roadblocks to the fulfillment of your goals. You can count on this scarlet gemstone to put action into your passion.

If you’ve always found it challenging to endure difficult times, discouraging you from what you desire in life, this gemstone will give you endurance. It is an excellent stone for manifesting courage, strength, and stamina to weather difficulties and achieve fulfillment.

Rough red crystals are always associated with passion, courage, and fertility in ancient and modern crystal practices. Unlike Carnelian gemstones, a translucent, fiery scarlet color, Raw Red Jasper Crystal is opaque, brick red in nature. It gets its distinct character from its silicon dioxide composition.

Rough Red Jasper is an easy-to-find stone with rich deposits in the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, France, and Germany. It may not belong to the list of rare gemstones, but no one can undermine its value in both physical and metaphysical realms.

Raw Red Jasper aligns with our root chakra, our natural energy source located at the base of our spine. As such, it aligns all our other chakras with regulating and intensifying our energies. Instability in our root chakra results in heightened feelings of fear or paranoia. It restores stability to give way to calmness and security.

This works as an ideal grounding stone. When you feel that paranoia has engulfed your spirit, meditate with it to immediately soothe your senses and bring your consciousness back to safety. It also enhances the memory of one’s dreams, which shamanic principles believe to be essential to attaining profound inner wisdom.

When using this gemstone to meditate and manifest, remember that it absorbs negative energies from your internal system and surroundings. Thus, make it a point to cleanse and charge your stone regularly. To cleanse your rough red crystal, wash it in lukewarm water for three to five minutes, then dab it lightly with a cloth until dry. This process washes away the negative vibrations it had absorbed. Another effective way of cleansing and charging your gemstones is to bury them in the soil overnight. In talismanic practice, burying gemstones in the ground is a way of surrendering its negative energies to nature and letting the earth recharge its powers.