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Camel Yellow Jasper Tumble Gemstones

Camel Yellow Jasper is a stunning gemstone for deflecting jealousy and makes an excellent defence if you are the object of petty gossip. Physically camel jasper makes an excellent diet stone, its energy gives emotional support and strength in self-discipline, and increases energy levels. It is a gemstone that encourages perseverance and improves your will power.

Tumble sizes vary between 20-40mm

Are you constantly losing to your lack of willpower? Let this beautiful Camel Jasper help you out!

Camels are among the most formidable creatures on the planet; they travel vast deserts amid dry winds and blistering heat, can go without drinking water for 15 days, haul heavy loads and passengers, and still manage to look utterly majestic. That is what makes the Camel Jasper so perfectly named.

These cheerful-looking crystals beseech camel-like qualities: stamina, endurance, strength, and composure. This yellow crystal is for you if you need support in even just one of these areas.

Think of all those times you failed to reach your goals; maybe you thought it just wasn’t meant to be, the timing wasn’t right, or the challenges were too harsh. But, if you think hard about it, you will realize that you simply didn’t have enough willpower. Camel Jasper Tumble Gemstones will give you that gift to see you through the fruition of your aspirations, whether it’s losing weight, overcoming vices, or starting a business.

The Camel Yellow stone will improve your energy levels, a crucial ingredient in your daily existence, so that you can work, have fun, and still have enough vigor for spontaneous events or emergencies. If you often find yourself worn-out from simple activities, place pieces of this gemstone around your house or office.

This Camel Yellow gemstone has a remarkably unique characteristic that most crystals don’t ̶ the ability to deflect jealousy and gossip. These two things are huge and unnecessary energy zappers for many people, so if you want to avoid that, these crystals can protect you.

There are more ways that the Camel Yellow can protect you, including physical ones. This potent yellow crystal can minimise damage by neutralizing radiation if you’re constantly around electromagnetic pollution, especially from Wi-Fi and electronic devices.

Another physical benefit of Camel Jasper is supporting digestive disorders and discomforts such as bloating and constipation. This golden coloured gemstone is connected to the solar plexus chakra, our natural energy source in the stomach, explaining its healing powers over this region.

Aside from protecting the stomach, liver, pancreas, and spleen, it also supports the nervous system, allowing us to remain calm in stressful situations

Being connected to the solar plexus chakra, which has a yellow aura, this Camel Jasper also improves analytical thought, allowing you to make wise decisions when they matter most. It is an excellent stone for achieving one's ambitions with the combined gifts of endurance, stamina, strength, composure, willpower, and intellect.

There are different ways to invoke the energies of these gemstones, but one of the most effective is to place the crystals wherever you perform activities that lead you to your goals. For example, if you aspire to lose weight, place these gemstones in your workout area.

You can also meditate with this precious gemstone by holding it in your hands or placing it before you. For meditation, make it a point to express your gratitude and clearly state your intentions:

“Thank you for coming into my life to support my goals and aspirations. I recognize your gifts to create beautiful changes in my life. I humbly request your powers to give me endurance and willpower to ______________________ (state intention). With faith and gratitude, I will work with you until we reach the fruition of my ambition.”

However, if you need the energies of this golden coloured crystal wherever you go, especially when you often fall victim to jealousy and gossip, or even lazy habits, wearing this lovely crystal necklace is perfect for you.

Don’t let lack of willpower take you far from your goals; adopt a Camel Jasper today.