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250g Bundle Rough African Rose Quartz Crystal Stones

Rose quartz the crystal of love. Love for everyone, and all of creation. By engaging into the beautiful magic of love, rose quartz helps heal, protect and open your heart while removing any toxic and bad emotions that no longer serve you. This beautiful rose quartz puts love in your heart and those around you. Keep this stunning, beautiful, powerful Crystal close to restore faith, kindness, harmony, and balance in your life and heart.

200-250g bags roughly 3-5 pieces

Looking to add a spark in the love department? African rose quartz is the answer!

African Rose quartz is the jewel of love. Love for everyone, and all of creation. By engaging in the beautiful magic of love, these African stones and crystals help heal, protect, and open your heart while removing any toxic and negative emotions that no longer serve you.

This beautiful African crystal puts love in your heart, soul, and those around you. Keep this stunning, almighty, and powerful jewel close to help you add faith, kindness, harmony, and balance to your life and heart.

This jewel is originally located in Brazil, Madagascar, and South Dakota, among other places. African rose quartz was once assumed to have mystical powers being used as a natural skincare tool in order to prevent premature aging. Both Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, & China, used it to provide glow and rejuvenation to the skin. While we can’t know for sure, this African crystal not only makes you feel good from the outside but the inside as well.

This rock appears in the form of granites and has a cloudy and transparent tinge. With shades spanning from a light to deep hot pink and red hues, you can see why it is the African crystal for love. This is as a result of its mild concentration of iron, manganese, and titanium, giving it its blushing guise. This tint is highly robust as it won’t grow dim due to exposure to heat or sunlight.

African rose quartz is seen as a feminine type of jewel, which is why it is a favourite jewellery choice among women. This once began in 800 BC being popularly used among the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They are still now one of the most preferred forms of stones making them an easy rock to add to your collection.

African stones and crystals provides the capability of allowing people to find love whether it’s specifically for them or for other people. This rock brings about healing and comfort for those in need, to find love not only with those around them but within themselves.

Its vibrations purifies the wounds, unleashing stress and tension in the body. Centered at the heart of everything, it stabilise balance and harmony within your deep emotions. By having this stone in your back pocket, you can become more conscious of energies that are negative.

African rose quartz works to attract romance and love into your life wherever you go, improving not only your intimate relationships but those with your family and friends. It works to soften a cold stone heart and make you more open to bonding with others.

By having this jewel in your home or in your bag, you can find yourself open to kindness, peace, and understanding in your life. This is especially useful in times of stress, calming the storm and keeping you grounded. Heal yourself from past traumas and intense emotions with our range of these African stones and crystals at your disposal.

At Above & Beyond Star, we are proud to cater an impressive range of African rose quartz on offer. We hope to give you a spritz of love and passion in your life, whether you are on the lookout for a partner, want to improve your relationships, or hoping to give yourself self-compassion.

Simply take it to work, make it a centrepiece in your home, or take it with you on a night out to receive the full benefits. You can even use it for meditation to provide deep relaxation to your soul and body. You’ll never be far away from love with this in your hands.

It is important to cleanse African rose quartz in order to recharge and allow it to use its true powers. Every now and then, it is best to bathe the jewel in a water solution alongside salt, allowing its shade to remain unfaded. That way, you maintain its energy and benefits.

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