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March 14, 2022

People turn to crystals and gemstones for many different reasons, and to attract finances and luck ranks highly on that list. After all, who doesn't desire a life of abundance? You may have heard many times that the road to prosperity comprises smart and hard work, a clear vision and creativity, excellent timing, and a lot of good luck. Well, if the Universe could help tip the scales in your favour, wouldn't you take that chance?

Now, before you rush into searching for crystal shops online and wholesale crystal suppliers, there are essential things you should know. First, not all gemstones and crystals are created equal. You may have the most powerful jewel on the planet, but if you do not understand its powers and how to use it properly, it will not do anything to attract prosperity. While each precious rock indeed offers a long list of gifts, knowing its distinct benefits is the key to weaving magic into your life. 

In this article, you will learn the seven most powerful crystals to attract money and wealth and where you can buy crystals online in Australia. You will also learn how to use this miracle gift from Mother Nature to maximize every stone's wonderful benefits. If you fully allow these gemstones and crystals to work in your life, you will discover how they can take you above and beyond your desires.

How NOT to Use Crystals to Attract Money and Wealth  

For some reason, people have this misconception that if they buy jewels, especially if they're from a reputable crystal supplier, wads of cash will magically appear on their doorstep, or extra zeroes will show up on their account balance. Gems don't work that way. Not even magicians work that way.

Never use minerals as an excuse to slack off and expect them to do the work for you. Remember: the biggest tool in your journey to prosperity is yourself, and that could be your most challenging roadblock, too. Use the powers of your precious jewels to empower what you already naturally possess  ̶  and then let them conspire with the Universe to work on your aspirations in life.

Instead, here is a list of how crystals  do work:

• Open doors for opportunities
• Inspire clarity of vision and creativity
• Instill self-discipline, patience, and perseverance
• Ignite passion, boldness, and a keen spirit of adventure
• Remove self-doubts, insecurities, and worries
• Ingrain gratitude, which brings forth abundance
• Enhance mental focus and endurance of heart in times of struggle
• Repel negativity and attract positivity
• Invite good luck and fortune
• Battle laziness, bad habits, and a self-defeating attitude

Once you fully understand what these cherished minerals can and cannot do for you, it's time to introduce you to the best gemstones for money and wealth.

1. Green Aventurine

In the psychology of colors, green has always been associated with luck, finances, and abundance. Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," Green Aventurine opens doors for good fortune to come into your life. This crystal is an excellent stone for manifesting good luck, which is why people carry it with them to business meetings, job interviews, sporting events, and chance games, or place it in their businesses and home offices. 

0. Citrine

Called the "Merchant's Stone" in the alternative healing world, tradesmen would carry Citrine in their pouches to attract good sales in the olden times. Citrine is a kind of quartz with a delicious honey gold colour, well-loved for its potent abilities to remove negative elements that block the way of luck and abundance, such as laziness, procrastination, and lack of determination. 

0. Pyrite

Experts always recommend Pyrite as one of the supreme luxury and abundance jewels. Known as "Fool's Gold," it has an attractive, shiny silver appearance, which sparkles in its full glory when seen under the sunlight. Pyrite imparts wisdom, clarity of vision, and mental toughness to overcome self-doubts and a self-defeatist attitude. It emboldens its owner to embrace the reality that an abundant life awaits those who genuinely seek it. 

0. Green Jade

Green Jade traces its popularity to traditional Chinese practices, where they place this stone in strategic areas of the house to attract vibrations of prosperity. In modern practices, Green Jade is used to calming the nervous system, an essential factor for success in troubled times. 

0. Malachite

Another green-hued crystal, Malachite is called the "Stone of Transformation." It provides its bearer with the strength to face life changes, whether positive or seemingly negative change. Malachite also transforms a person's doubts into self-confidence in financial matters, allowing them to be more daring to accept opportunities in life. 

0. Tiger's Eye

The Law of Attraction is one of the people's philosophies to manifest luck  in their lives. Tiger's Eye, also called the "Stone of the Mind," is the perfect crystal gemstone  to support the Law of Attraction. It creates a force field around a person's mind to repel negative thinking, only allowing positive thoughts to flourish. 

0. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is possibly the most versatile of all jewels, supporting many aspects of a person's growth and aspirations. Also known as "Crystal Quartz," this gemstone is widely used for decluttering one's mind and emotions to clear the space for real abundance to enter. Clear Quartz is a must-have if you're planning to start a collection. 

Where to Find the Best Crystals for Money and Wealth

Until a few years ago, crystals were accessible only to a select few, mostly confined to occult practices and aesthetic jewellery collections. Thankfully, the practice of using crystals for healing, wellness, and manifestations has entered the mainstream, so it's easy to buy crystals online in Australia and other parts of the world. 

We have picked our top three favorite ways of finding the best crystals for money and wealth in Australia to help you manifest abundance and jumpstart your collection.

1. Crystal Shops Online

Nothing beats the convenience of shopping on the web; you can do it on your commute to work, during your lunch break, or while waiting for your order at the coffee shop. The most important thing to consider when you buy crystals and gemstones online in Australia is reputation. Make sure to purchase only from reputable shops that offer genuine crystals and gemstones. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that a higher price tag means more potent powers and benefits. But, be wary of ridiculously cheap mineral rocks as these could be merely factory-made.

You'll know you have found the best online crystal shop in Australia when they are highly responsive to your queries and can fully explain the benefits and intricacies of every stone they sell. Here at Above and Beyond Star, not only do we research the gifts of every stone that we carry at the store, we also make sure that our own experiences support our claims and are not empty promises. That is how we guarantee the authenticity and effectiveness of every Above and Beyond merchandise. 

0. Wholesale Crystals Suppliers

Here is an important tip that every connoisseur should know: wholesale crystals suppliers are a treasure trove of beautiful crystals and gemstones at a lower price. Many people hear "wholesale crystals" and immediately think volumes upon volumes of purchase, usually for reselling. These days, wholesale no longer means huge quantities; some wholesale crystals suppliers in Australia even offer as few as 10-20 pieces at wholesale prices. 

This option is excellent for families and friends who wish to jumpstart their journeys to prosperity together. But, even if you're going on this abundance journey alone, you still might want to explore this option. When you buy crystals wholesale, you have pieces to place in different corners of your home, your office or place of business, and even carry with you at all times. And, because you're buying directly from the supplier, you can get more information about your crystals, allowing you to have a connection with them already even before you receive your order. 

0. Gem Fossicking Sites

Our third favourite way to find the best crystals for money and wealth is excellent for collectors with a great penchant for adventure: fossicking. There is something gratifying about unearthing gemstones with your own hands, and because Australia is naturally abundant in crystals and minerals, it is an accessible activity to most people. 

Some of the most famous territories for fossicking are New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. For your first fossicking adventure, you may want to consider joining tour groups where operators will prepare your itinerary, teach you the dos and don'ts, and provide you with essential equipment. 

How to Use Your Prosperity Jewels

All the seven crystals enumerated above manifest true abundance in your life and increase luck around you. They do not inspire greed; instead, they help you reach prosperity where you fully realize your potential, improve your life, and allow you to help other people. 

The first step in manifesting luxury in your life is setting an intention and being clear as day about it. Crystals and gemstones possess natural healing and manifesting energies, but setting your intention allows you to develop a relationship with your beloved gems, supportive of your needs and aspirations. There are three things to remember when setting your intention: express your gratitude, seek openness to receiving the gifts of your jewels and be specific with your request. 

Here is an example to inspire you to come up with your own intention:
I am grateful to hold you in my hand and excited to begin my journey to genuine prosperity with you. Please open my heart, mind, body, and spirit to receive and work with the abundance of your blessings fully. I set the intention to achieve my goal of ___________________. May I never veer away from my authentic self and purpose in life in this journey. Thank you. 

0. Meditation

Meditation sets the stage for manifesting opulence in your life. It clears your mind of self-defeating thoughts and emotions, recharges your energy, inspires wisdom, and welcomes positive energy into your consciousness. 

0. Fill Your Surroundings with the Energy of Your Gem Collection 

Place the jewels in focal places of your home, work, or business. If you have a meditation space in your home, that's a good location for your precious rocks. You can also place them near your front door, in your home office, or where you keep your finances.

0. Take Your Crystals Wherever You Go

By having your jewels on your person everywhere you go, you have a constant reminder that the Universe conspires with you in your intentions. Wear amethyst, carnelian, or rose quartz crystal necklaces, bracelets, or rings, or you can place the stones in your purse or pocket. 

0. Cleanse and Charge Your Jewels

Just like you, crystals and gemstones need cleansing and charging to eliminate the negative energies they have absorbed and recharge their natural powers. Regular cleansing and charging of precious rocks ensure that they can continually work their wonders in your life. 

Some precious rocks have specific ways of cleansing and charging, but the simplest way is to allow them to bask in the gifts of the moonlight, especially during a full moon. You can place your minerals by your window or put them outside, such as the balcony or garden. 

Final Word 

Crystals and gemstones are incredibly potent in manifesting abundance, but they will work only if you fully embrace and work with their powers and energies. These beautiful stones will not deliver stacks of cash to your doorstep. Instead, they will empower you with values, skills, energies, and opportunities to create meaningful prosperity in your life  ̶  above and beyond what you have imagined.

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