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March 15, 2022

As you hold a piece of Red Carnelian Stone on your palm, you wonder, “Does it get its mystical powers from its intense, fiery appearance? Or is it its energy that shapes its character?” Dressed in gorgeous shades of red, yellow, orange, brown, and white, the Red Carnelian is one of those crystals and gemstones whose looks perfectly reflect their vigour. 

If you are a budding collector or have never heard of the mighty stone, read through the entire article to learn practically everything you need to know about one of the longest-used jewels in history. In this article, you will learn:

• Their History & Origins 
• The Mystical Powers of the Red Carnelian Stone in Ancient and Modern Practices
• How to Maximize the Potential of Your Gem
• How to Cleanse and Charge Your Jewels 
• How to Get Your Red Carnelian Stone Online in Australia 

History & Origins 

According to geologists, Red Carnelian was first discovered in Bengal, India. Obviously, they lacked the technology to easily transport jewels in the olden days, unlike these days when anyone can look up crystal shops online. Our ancestors hauled their treasured finds on their trading expeditions, attracting other merchants and, of course, sorcerers, alchemists, and warriors. Eventually, the precious rock was found in other countries like Brazil, Japan, Russia, Madagascar, the United States, and Australia.

The Red Carnelian belongs to the Quartz Chalcedony family; its primary composition is silicon dioxide, with much of its character deriving from its iron oxide content. Experts say that this precious is actually red-brown in its natural, mined state. However, Indians discovered that if they placed the stones under the sun, they changed their colour to a brighter scarlet as though soaking in the powers of the mighty sun. 

The Mystical Powers of the Red Carnelian Stone in Ancient Practices

This jewel has a long history in talismanic practice. Historical accounts show that the fiery gem was found in Sumerian and Egyptian jewellery as early as 4,500 years ago. Even the great Napoleon was a believer of this natural treasure having found an octagonal-shaped stone on the battlefield, which he wore on his watch chain. This was his amulet, taking it with him to his battles until he passed it down to his son, Louis-Napoleon, who didn’t give as much regard to it. When Louis-Napoleon died in the hands of the Zulus, they took away the gem away from him. 

Ancient Arabs and Muslims believed in the powers of the cherished gem to dispel negative energies such as jealousy, envy, hatred, and anger. Jealousy and envy were seen as powerful, evil qualities. If somebody harboured jealousy and envy toward you, you could lose people and things important to you, such as your loved ones and earthly riches. They engraved prayers on Red Carnelian gemstones and wore them as jewellery for protection. The Prophet Muhammad wore a set of silver rings adorned with the precious mineral and instructed the Muslims to do the same, saying, “It will guard you from any evil.”

People attributed lion-like courage and power to the Red Carnelian Stone in the Renaissance period. Warriors bejewelled their swords with this semi-precious stone, while their families placed stones in front of the images of their brave fighters for guidance and protection. Aside from their metaphysical attributes, this jewel e Red Carnelian was also believed to protect their bearers from injuries and illnesses. 

The Mystical Powers of the Red Carnelian Stone in Modern Practices

It is easy to get your hands on a Red Carnelian Stone these days. In fact, you can search crystal shops online and you will find the perfect gift from Mother Nature you need in your life. However, being widely available doesn’t mean this gem is any less valuable; it only means that its gifts are more easily accessible to a greater range of enthusiasts and collectors. 

Their long history in talismanic practices makes it highly popular in the contemporary spiritual healing world. Just as Prophet Ja’far believed that the mineral could lead a person to the fulfillment of their desires, experts today also recommend it as a stone that supports one’s passions. It emboldens its bearer with fearlessness, fire, and drive to go on daring adventures, especially ones that fulfill their aspirations in life. The Red Carnelian isn’t only about intense, fiery flames of power; it’s also about the steady, glowing embers of a person’s endurance of spirit. We need both power and endurance of spirit for us to achieve the genuine desires of our hearts.  

One of the most practical uses of this beloved gem is a talisman against stage fright and fear of public speaking. These two similar fears are among the most common subtypes of social anxiety these days, and the jewel helps overcome those anxieties, not only by empowering its bearer with courage, but also by imparting wisdom, focus, and a general sense of ease. Even in the 21st century, this precious rock is still known as the “Warrior’s Stone,” instilling the heart of a warrior in anyone who believes in it. 

As a healing stone, it is believed to alleviates nerve damage, joint disorders, and lower back pain. It is also believed to improve a person’s metabolism for proper energy utilization and weight management. Experts recommend females to wear Red Carnelian jewellery such as this gorgeous Above and Beyond crystal necklace to relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea and to support a healthy menstrual cycle. 

Couples experiencing intimacy issues can seek the benefits of this beloved gem to aid their relationship. Derived from the Latin word carnalis, meaning “fleshly” or “of the flesh,” this Scarlett jewel empowers not only the passions of the heart and spirit, but also of the flesh. Red Carnelian can help strengthen a couple’s sexual relations. Specialists advise couples to each wear or place this special stone on their bed. 

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Jewels 

Ask the best online crystal shop in Australia or even anywhere in the world, and they will tell you that your jewels need regular cleansing and charging to keep manifesting their powers. Luckily, this mineral is extremely easy to cleanse and charge. 

You can cleanse your treasured mineral by placing it under running water and gently soaping it. This process washes away the negative energies it may have absorbed, making room for positive energies. Clearing negative energies from your coveted gem is essential as these can block the stone’s potent abilities. The Red Carnelian Stone has this unique ability to cleanse other gemstones and crystals. By stacking them on top of other minerals and rocks, this precious gem works to absorb negative energies. 

You can easily charge your jewels by placing it on a Selenite slab overnight. Don’t worry if you don’t have Selenite because you can do what the Indians did in the olden days and place your precious rocks under the sun. If you don’t have access to direct sunlight, such as a garden or a terrace, you can put your cherished gem by your windowsill and let it stay there until sunset. 
How to Get Your Red Carnelian Stone Online in Australia
Shopping via the web has become the purchasing mode of choice by many enthusiasts and collectors these days. The Internet has hugely improved our shopping experience not only through its convenience but by allowing shoppers to have access to beautiful minerals mined from various countries across the globe.

A word of caution when you buy gemstones online in Australia: purchase your products only from reputable websites so that you don’t get duped into buying synthetic or factory-made stones. Some Red Carnelian Crystals sold in the market are Dyed Agate. Don’t get it wrong; both belong to the Chalcedony Quartz family and have tremendous benefits. However, if you’re seeking the powers of the Warrior Stone, make sure that what you’re getting is actually Red Carnelian.

You can distinguish Red Carnelian from Dyed Agate by their appearance; the former has a translucent but cloudy character while the latter has distinct banding. Both gems get their impressions from their specific mineral compositions. At Above and Beyond Star AU, we guarantee to have only legitimate and authentic crystals and gemstones for adoption. Our goal is to share the benefits of our Above and Beyond merchandise with all budding enthusiasts and collectors. 

Final Word

The Red Carnelian Stone is the perfect treasure for you if you often find yourself unable to follow or even recognize your passions. Whether this inability stems from a lack of courage, confidence, or wisdom, this semi-precious stone will help you have the heart of a warrior. The key is to open your heart to its gifts and have as much faith in it as Napoleon had, one of the greatest warriors in history. 

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