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Beautiful, Natural, Love, and Wellness: That’s The Above & Beyond Way! Everyone deserves to feel like the precious star that they truly are. Live vicariously through our crystal shop online.

Above and Beyond Star is a wholesale crystals suppliers in Australia that was founded in July of 2020 in the middle of one of the hardest times in modern history, the global pandemic.

Adding a light of joy during the darkest points in this age, we have made it our promise to give our customers some mystical guidance.


It’s a business that was created so people would find hope and stability in products that would inspire and help the wellbeing and wellness of the world - products that would bring life to their home and inspiration to friends and family. Our incredible team of jewellers goes to the next level to provide the finest range of crystals and gemstones across Australia. We offer a variety of products spanning from rocks, minerals, jewelley, skincare, and so much more.


Whether you are looking to add balance and harmony to your home decor, need to bring yourself luck, or simply enjoy the designs of our jewels, we can help you!

Crystals and gemstones in Australia have the ability to bring love, stability, courage, strength, and many more attributes to the lives of many.

It is our purpose and aspiration to bring the highest quality products that will encourage the enjoyment of your home and bring happiness to your lives. We strive to bring the most delightful colours, looks, and feel to our range of jewels, minerals, and rocks.

Take a chunk plucked out of nature and into your hands with our ethereal range of crystals online in our Australia store.  Let’s dig up a few of our items and their list of benefits right down below!

Crystals and gemstones have the ability to bring love, stability, courage, strength and many more attributes to the lives of many.

Crystals and Gemstones Jewellery

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Rocks & Minerals


Minerals and stones are incredibly influential in adding positivity and hope to your everyday. We have an array of crystals and gemstones across Australia, providing a zest of wonder in your life. They create relaxation, ward off negative energy, increase inspiration, and add more clarity to your day to day. If you’re on the hunt to improve your strength wellbeing or even help your intimate and dear relationships, our crystal suppliers in Australia can help. The best way to know which rocks and minerals are suitable for you at this very moment is to choose what you gravitate more towards intuitively.




A great way to make practical use of these rocks is through jewellery. You can have our stars dazzle around your neck, charming your arm, or gracing your ankle. For the perfect pop to your outfit, you cannot resist our jewellery items found in our crystals and gem suppliers in Australia.  Whether you are looking to improve your confidence, heighten your concentration, or even add more positivity to your life, our jewellery will do. Our line of jewellery includes pointed rock pendants wrapped around a gold chain. Simply carry it everywhere you go to receive the full benefits.



For ultimate hydration and moisture for your skin, look no further than our line of jojoba skincare provided by The Jojoba Company. In addition to your option buy gemstones online in Australia, we offer various skincare products from the brand, including lip balm and different forms of jojoba oil. The calming jojoba oil has moringa, lavender, chamomile, and bisabolol. There is even a combination of jojoba and rosehip oil.


Jojoba oil is a liquid wax originating from America and has now spread to countries across the globe, including our crystal suppliers in Australia. It is the closest consistency of sebum, the natural oils found in our skin. Because of this, jojoba oil is the ideal ingredient for skincare used for uplifting and softening your overall complexion. Please remember, it is important to do a patch test prior to use to see if it works for you and prevent any onset reactions. At our retailer, we aim to give you not only inner peace but also outer peace.  

To Infinity, Above & Beyond!


Here we’ve gone out of our way to curate and provide the finest crystals and gemstones in Australia. With our variety of products, we have something to add some pizzazz to your home, your clothing, and give your skin the extra nourishment. You can feel genuinely like a star when you include one of our incredible pieces to your life.


Feel free to take a look at all the products we have in our crystal shops online. Speak to our friendly and experienced team members for any questions you may have regarding our services.  

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